Pirate and Princess Party

One of the many end of school year events Sam had in his class was the Pirate and Princess picnic. The kids all had a ball dressing up for the occasion. They even got to go on a scavenger hunt for some pirate booty.
(oh, and this happened to be the same day that Mrs. Phillips pulled out Sam's other front tooth… this is tooth #3 that she has removed for us!)
One of the great things about having a super cool awesome kindergarten teacher like Mrs. Phillips is when the preschoolers school year ends, she insists that you send them in to school with their preschool sibling… it's a pretty sweet deal… free childcare plus some exposure for next year. Can't pass up that offer. Plus, as I said, she insists!

The only negative I see is that it has pretty much been "party day" every time Charlie has joined Sam at school … so it's quite possible his idea of kindergarten is slightly skewed. But he is ever so excited, nonetheless.
Off to first grade we go, Sam!


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