Tom Sawyer's Island

Another highlight of our day at Magic Kingdom was taking the wooden log pontoon boat over to Tom Sawyer's Island. Not only did it bring back some great memories for me from the third grade in Mrs. Labadie's class - but it also proved to be an excellent photo op of my dear pleaser-son, Sam. 

Between the low light of late afternoon, the reflection of the water, and Sam's love for making his mommy happy… these turned out to be my favorite photos of the trip 
(favorite photos from a photographer's perspective… not necessarily from a mommy tourist perspective!)

I know this appears washed out from the lighting… but I like the soft look of it ~ and I think his face is precious here.
 I heart his sweet smile, and his eyes...

 Here is another somewhat washed out… but again makes for a soft, sweet picture
And, yes, Charlie joined us on Tom Sawyers Island… He's just not into doing the "how can I make my mommy happy" thing. He was off and running doing the "how can I make Charlie happy" thing (which is wonderful too!) -- but I did manage to get this one.
The picture says it all - right?!

Love Love Love Tom Sawyer's Island!


  1. Great pics, Mary! And all of the Disney ones are great, too! We have been several times, but I never get good pictures because neither of my kids is into making Mommy happy (when we're at Disney World, anyway :) and I always just get too sucked into the fun to worry about protecting the camera. You've inspired me to do better, though! These pics are priceless!

  2. Would it be alright with you if I steal your precious peanuts? They are so adorable, and I need some little guys back in my house to liven things up :/ Love these closeups!


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