Mornings on the Patio

On my days off from work, we've been taking advantage of this great weather and our shaded backyard by enjoying breakfast outside. It typically leads to some small adventures on the patio. On this particular day, the boys got into bubbles and cars.
 Sam was mastering the art of recycling bubbles by blowing, catching, and recreating.
 He was getting pretty good at it by the time the morning winded down ~

 Meanwhile, Charlie was intently focused on fixing this car...
 he had the tongue out and all!

"I did it! I did it!"
Lovin' these summer mornings!


  1. Totally agree ~ the weather has been perfect for patio living :) A rich cup of coffee and a good book in the morning, and a nice glass of wine, some candlelight and good conversation in the evening. I love a lazy Saturday in late spring!


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