We Heart the Tomato Head

It has become quite a tradition for the Hatcher family to visit our beloved Tomato Head anytime we have the opportunity. Because we tend to go out to eat a LOT… and because a good dining experience is quite high on our (or at list my) list of priorities, the opportunity to go to the Tomato Head presents itself quite frequently. Always once, many times twice per week.
I do believe Sam and Charlie have even decided it to be their favorite place to eat (or maybe they just know it makes mama happy!)
On Monday, while on our (home) vacation, we decided to take advantage of our glorious East Tennessee treasures up in the Smoky Mountains. Lucky us… there is a Tomato Head in downtown Maryville ~ so we had to visit as we were passing through.
At both locations (Market Square and downtown Maryville), we prefer to sit outside. They have their trademark colorful lights hanging at both locations.

Our meal always begins with blue chips and hummus. Always.

Sam and Charlie gobble up their "Simon Plate", which consists of tofu, grapes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and oranges.

Happiness all around!

Even my darling husband, who is not a creature of habit (meaning, he prefers variety - whereas I tend to find my faves and stick with them) never complains about going to the Tomato Head… even when we go week after week after week.

I can't even begin to guess what was going through Charlie's mind here… 
Another great experience at the Tomato Head… it was a perfect start to our fabulous East Tennessee vacation day.

To be continued...


  1. I heart the fact that your peanuts prefer a Simon Plate to a Happy Meal :) Certainly looks like a lovely start to a fun East Tennessee day off!

    We wanted to eat at this very TH last Friday night, but found ourselves short on time, and the place was packed! We ended up at Sullivan's just up the street. It was pretty yum, too!

    Love the look on Charlie's face. Good capture :D

  2. I also heart the fact that they prefer a Simon Plate. One of my favorite moments was hearing Sam say "Mmm… Mommy, this is some good tofu!"

    I also like Sullivan's downtown Maryville. Charming little area :)

  3. Also, I was thinking p-dub might like Charlie's funny face picture :)


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