Open up and say "ahh"

This summer marked another major milestone, which is the end of me slacking off and avoiding Sam and Charlie's first dentist appointment!
Actually, I wasn't avoiding taking them to the dentist. At all. 
I was simply avoiding the chore of figuring out which dentist to take them to. I've had many recommendations - most of which went in one ear and out the other. I've thought about it at least a hundred times over the past 2 years. 
Finally, the moment struck. It can wait no longer!
So I ended up scheduling them with my dentist (sad, I know… after the long wait, I should have come up with something more spectacular than that!) Such is life.

While he is not a pediatric dentist with the whole circus thing going on in his office, what we do get at my dentist is a bit of a spa treatment… warm neck wrap, parafin dip for our hands. It's really quite lovely.

So, first up ~ Charlie Hatcher!
 He's all set with the dip and the wrap. Open up and say "ahh"
 Then she adjusted the overhead light and put a dental tool in her hand - and that's pretty much when it ended. Charlie concluded his first attempt in the chair with a giant "Haaaaaell No!" (not really the first word though) and he was outta there!

Next up ~ Sam Hatcher!  (with the weird self-inflicted haircut)
Parafin dip and neck wrap all in place ~
 Sam was a trooper from start to finish. Not only did he sit still and embrace all the poking and prodding, ending with a big "Thank you ma'am" but he also gave Charlie the confidence to give it a second try.
 Charlie did great his second time around. He even accepted the optional fluoride treatment at the end!
 Great job Team Hatcher!! 


  1. Good for you mama! You survived the dreaded first time dentist visit with little peanuts. Those crazy yellow duck lips always crack me up :)


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