Christmas Fever

Oh what fun it is to be a part of the Christmas parties in my buddies' classrooms! Excitement fills the air… the kids are so freaking filled with anticipation for Christmas to come that you can feel it as soon as you enter the room. Soak it up!
 Sweet (shy) Cate sang "Oh Christmas Tree" for the entire class! AdOrAbLe!!
 Emma ~ happy as can be eating her Chick-Fil-A.
 Sweet babies working on their personalized Santa photos.

 Love the sideburns-gone-wild-wings below!
 We played hot potato with a book exchange for the kids. Charlie and Michael were the final two kiddos (Michael is one of the other curly coats shown above) and thought it was hil-a-rious passing two books back and forth.
Then the kids got to be wrapped up as a present with lots of bows! So fun!
 This is sweet Ben (one of the triplets)
 Rachel and her mommy
 Little baby Madeline… she is such a doll.
 Cate and her mommy
And of course my peanut

Then over at Rocky Hill, we had another day of fun. Sam's good buddy, Garrett making his Christmas ornament.
 The amazing Mrs. Phillips after finishing Sam's face painting.

 Charlie got to join in on the action too… he is an honorary kindergartener this year!
But still a little freaked out when Santa enters the room.
 The class got Mrs. Phillips a bunch of balloons filled with money for Christmas. It was quite a show watching her pop each of them with a pin. The kids went wild!
That wraps up the school parties for this holiday season! On to the next flurry of events!


  1. Wow! That's a lot of partying :/ The money filled balloons is such a creative idea. I might have to borrow that one for an upcoming high school graduate that I know :)


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