Pioneer Woman

Okay, so maybe not quite THE Pioneer Woman, but I am pretty excited about my little vegetable and herb garden I've got going this year. 
 AND I'm super, silly, excited about the handmade plant markers my three sweethearts surprised me with when I came home from work today!
As they have beautifully noted, I have herbs (which comprises of two types of basil), strawberries, and cucumbers. Everything is growing inside the raised vegetable garden Mr. Agrestic made me for Mother's Day.

Almost ready to be eaten!
The morning dew forms around the edges of the leaves on the strawberry vines … so cool!

Throw in a few cattle, a couple cookbooks, a few more kids, and some homeschooling and you'd never be able to tell us apart!
(seriously though, I've figured out how to grow this stuff… now I just need some pointers on how to cook with it!)


  1. You and Pioneer Woman are some of my favorite inspirations on this planet! And, the talent and creativity of the Agrestic men never ceases to amaze me.

    Have you ever had strawberries and basil together over vanilla ice cream? It is amazing and I will gladly share the details if you desire. Bon appetit!


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