Dodgers Baseball

Well, Sam just wrapped up another great season of baseball! He played for the Dodgers this season with the same group of kids he has played with the past two years.
 It has been a very fun season! We are slowly progressing into a more competitive league where everyone is beginning to develop real baseball skills. But we're still young enough to have plenty of space for silly mistakes, silly time, and of course, silly bands!

 Sam officially became a left-handed hitter this season. 
 It took us a little while to figure out which way he was going to go. In fact, last season, he hit right-handed… spring and fall. 
 I have been very excited to see Sam find his comfort zone with his swing. He looks like a real baseball player!
I know I've overused this phrase in this space, but I really can't believe how big he is getting.

 He was very excited about this hit today! We practiced for quite a while yesterday, so I think it made him extra proud to walk onto the field today and get a hit on his very first swing.

 I can't look at this series of pictures without smiling. There are very few gifts in life more rewarding than seeing your child feel confident, happy, and proud of an accomplishment. Makes my mommy heart melt.

It's also been rewarding to see how he has matured into a team player this year. We had several meltdowns last year if he wasn't able to field any balls during an inning. This year, he understands positions, and he cheers his teammates on when they make a great play. 

The "draft" process begins next year, which means this great group of kids we've played with for three years will be split up onto various team.
 So with one final game, everyone put your hands together and cheer...
 "Go Dodgers!"
Until we meet again...


  1. Head's up - your mommy heart will never stop melting :)


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