Oh CoLoRFuL DaY!

It's Easter Morning! 
After church, Charlie, Sam, and I soaked in the glorious spring morning amongst the sweethearts in our backyard ~ 
We all agreed it was the perfect time to dye some Easter eggs!
They were both totally into it this year… and actually quite responsible and self sufficient too!
 (love. love. love concentrating tongues)
 (and sweet. sweet. smooches)

Of course while we waited on the eggs, mommy snapped pictures
… and more pictures

We finished our blissful morning with a dozen colorful, marbled Easter eggs.
Go Team Hatcher!


  1. The eggs turned out adorable! Love the marbled effect :) But, what happened to Charlie's cute cheek?

  2. Scabby cheek is a result of Charlie's latest milestone... Learning to ride his bike with no training wheels! Face planted on Day 3. Booo...


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