Friends of the Heart

This is a piece of artwork Sam brought home from school when he was three… He was told to choose which friend he wanted standing beside him beneath this umbrella. It was no surprise to us that he chose Mary Helen.
This is the third year Sam and Mary Helen have been in class together, and they've had a special little friendship the whole way through. She's the perfect mix of a pretty, girly girl ~ but with that sassy flair that makes her all sortsa fun… She can eat a cupcake with the best of 'em!
AND she can make some super-cool-awesome noises with her mouth!
Sam was laughing with excitement when he saw Mary Helen at a birthday party this weekend… he had no idea she would be there.
The two of them giggled in their own little world for much of the party.
It was truly adorable to watch them together and see the affection they have for each other. This is the last year that Sam and Mary Helen will be in school together ~ but I have a feeling their friendship will continue. Somehow. Someway.
Cuz neither time nor distance can take away a special friend-of-the-heart...


  1. THey ae so cute together! I am glad they both enjoyed being at the party and having fun! I love them both! Thanks for taking photos at the party too. You got wonderful captures of everything!

  2. Thanks Amy ~ I hope I was able to produce at least a couple good shots for you... We all had a great time at the party! It was a treat to be there to celebrate with Emma Caroline. Crazy how fast they are all growing!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh! Everyone needs a special someone like this in their life! I adore their matching blue eyes :)


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