Our Dreamy Ho-n-Tell

My first big surprise when we arrived in Orlando was the size and utter fabulous-ness of our Wyndham resort. We were extremely blessed by Connie and Glenn Garrett who, out of the blue, offered for us to use their time share in Orlando over the holidays, as they were unable to use it. Because of this, and amidst the craziness that falls upon us in December, I really spent no time researching where we would be staying. In no way did I anticipate a glorious, seven-tower resort built around a lovely lake with fountains, a boardwalk, five winding swimming pools, a lazy river, miniature golf, a playset, a spa, fabulous dining… pretty much everything anyone from age 2 to 92 would wish for on their vacation. It was perfection!
The kids ran around the ho-n-tell room with pure excitement the night we arrived (this is what the little Agrestics call a "hotel" - Sam happened to learn about "show-n-tell" during the same week he learned the definition of a "hotel"… got the two confused, taught it to his little brother, and we're just along for the ride!). We spent much of our first day walking around the ho-n-tell indulging in the views and activities.

 (and eating, of course… my favorite activity!)
That evening, as we prepared to go check out Downtown Disney, we decided to take advantage of our westward facing balcony and capture some photos under the sunset.
(It's no big secret that I have a gum chewing problem… and my peanuts have acquired it from me. Too many times, you'll see a little piece of blue gum amidst their smiles :)

Ahhh ~ the beauty


  1. Sunset at your ho-n-tell looks amazing. I'm a little confused, though. I've known you for 10+ years, and have never known of your gum chewing issues. Maybe you can do a post on your favorite gums. Oh, and maybe a post on how to make grape salad. Please?


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