Time for Some Nature

I recently decided to go to my favorite photography place in Knoxville to take some nature pictures at sunrise.

My "favorite photography place in Knoxville" happens to be at my aunt and uncle's humble abode on Rudder Lane.

"Sunrise" for me apparently means around 10:30 am…

And since my kiddos joined me on my adventure, my "nature pictures" resulted in 183 pictures of Sam and Charlie, and about 10 pictures of the scenery around me.

Lily pads floating upon the pond… no froggies today though
What remained of the morning dew

Some lovely fall grasses

And berries providing great contrast
Mandavilla climbing all around the garage doors

And some more of the lovely ornamental grass 
growing around the pond
Oh, wait…
Where'd these guys come from?
Messing with my nature show once again…
Ok, I confess. I did it.
I can't help it. 
They're mine.
They're the coolest things I've ever made!


  1. You, my friend, have made some really cool stuff in your lifetime. But, I agree, hands down, these precious peanuts are the coolest! But, you did have some help. Mr. Agrestic needs a little recognition, too :)

    Thanks for sharing your sunrise photo shoot with us. Fabulous!


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