Wikki Stix!

When you have kids and go out to eat as often as the Agrestics, you tend to take notice of the type of entertainment each establishment provides the little monkeys. We frequently see crayons and activity paper. Some have little brain teaser puzzles. Others have mini games, etch a sketches, etc.
A new trend we saw in New York, which served its purpose fabulously (and "purpose" implies that it keeps the little guys content and quiet) was a pack of Wikki Stix.

Wikki Stix are actually made of hand knitting yarn, but contain a special wax which makes them slightly sticky and very bendable. 

We made people…
A gorgeous new pair of glasses for Charlie…
A mustache for Sam…
And, my personal favorite…
A new ring for Mommy!
Hope Wikki Stix make their way to Knoxville restaurants very soon.


  1. What a fun thing to pass the time while awaiting the arrival of your grub :) My peanuts used to love the ball of pizza dough at Carrabbas or an intense game of hang-man!


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