Then, And Now

We had my dear Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry over for dinner tonight. We had a lovely evening catching up and enjoying some wine and tasty summertime food. It prompted me to pull out this old picture I recently stumbled across of my Aunt Linda holding me when I was a wee young one.

I was five years old in this picture, and apparently quite content sleeping in her arms. I believe this was at a wedding, so I probably just had a long night of partying it up! I'm not really sure though. I don't remember it.

This memory, led me to another picture of myself when I was even a wee'er little one…
Is it just me, or did I look exactly like Buckwheat from The Little Rascals when I was younger? I can't get this image out of my head…

Ultimately, this all leads me to another wee one, who happens to resemble both me (as a wee one) and buckwheat…

Check it out again… I'm hoping he looks like me. Every mom deserves to have at least one offspring look like her! (Lord knows I can't claim peanut #1)
Regardless, us Little Agrestics can rock out that afro! 
Buckwheats got nothing on us!


  1. Oh-em-gee! When I saw the second picture of you I immediately thought ~ Charlie! Buh wheat never entered my mind :) Adorable! And, I'm lovin' Aunt Linda's feathered hairstyle! I might suggest that to the J-man when he's back in town next month!


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