Admiring Mother Nature

Maybe it's the flowers in bloom. Maybe it's the flirtatious birds that have been singing outside my window. Maybe it was my recent family camping trip. Or, maybe it's my growing babies who are finally allowing me a few moments of me time. I'm not exactly sure what it is right now, but something has me yearning to have my life stripped down to the bare essentials to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the world around me in the raw form God has created.

I've been collecting these images of the Earth's gorgeous creations and want to share some of what I see around me. Take an extra minute today to marvel at something beautiful. It's all around you. I promise.

Happy plants dancing their way out of the ground

The dogwoods are amazing this year!

Enjoying a cool bath

Flirting with me ~
Basking in the sunshine
Vibrant and Amazing

Glorious rainbow at the bottom of this waterfall

Another flirt flying around my yard

In all its glory 

Posing for their family portrait

Listen to the sound of that...


  1. Well, pretty lady, if I was a bird, I would move into your backyard and flirt with you, too! You inspired me to get out and enjoy this beautiful day with my camera. My pics aren't as exquisite as yours, but it was still a lot of fun :)


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