Nelder Grove

 Our second Airbnb adventure was at a lovely bed and breakfast in Ahwahnee. This was the view from our deck. 

 And even better than that was the spectacular advice we got from our hosts, John and Brenda, over breakfast. They suggested that we go to Nelder Grove to see the giant Sequoias. This was a perfect way for us to spend our day. We were only on day 4 of our 8 day trip and were actually quite exhausted. We were able to enjoy a rather relaxing day, while still experiencing the awe of where we were.
So we landed in Nelder Grove, just a short drive from where we were staying - a perfect opportunity to see about 12 giant sequoias in just a short 1 mile hike.

 Again, another site that is difficult to comprehend - even as you're standing there in its presence.

 It kind of takes your breath away.

Off to Bass Lake...


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