Dodgers / Giants

 We spent our final day of our trip in San Francisco. We travelled there on the Larkspur Ferry, where we had a lovely view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

 We also were able to see Al Catraz...

 We had done so much vacationing at this point in our trip that we pretty much just wandered aimlessly around the city of San Francisco.

 We didn't want to get caught up in anything that would end up making us late for our date with AT&T Park where we would be watching the Dodgers and Giants play.
 What an amazing place!

 Richie was to the moon over the fact that Clayton Kershaw was pitching that night. It was a great game! The Dodgers came out with a win 3-2.
 I do believe this is the greatest park in the country to watch a baseball game. It would be hard to beat this view. 


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