Bass Lake

The other great recommendation given to us by our Airbnb hosts was to go to Bass Lake ~ Again, a relaxing way to spend our day when we were approaching exhaustion from all our activities.

 I knew as soon as Richie heard "The Great Outdoors was filmed there," our plans for the day were pretty well set.

We started off with a great lunch overlooking the water. Then we rented a boat and tube for the afternoon. Sam and Charlie had never been tubing ~ so that made for some extra fun.

 We all took turns driving the boat.

You really can't go wrong with tubing... just sayin'

 And of course daddy gets in on the adventure...   This was short lived. I got flagged down by a twenty year old on a jet ski telling me I was breaking the rules :-/  Apparently, two people have to be in the boat at all times...  Busted!

 A great way to spend our afternoon... and extra cool hair to finish us off...

On to the final days of our trip... but before we left, Sam and Charlie wrote thank you notes for our hosts.


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