The Ring Bearers

So, I'll apologize in advance for the obnoxious number of pictures here. But my handsome little men were recently in a wedding, dressed about as adorable as can be! And I have no doubt it will be a long time (or more likely, never) that I have the three of them all together looking this stinkin' cute. So allow me to gush in photographs for a moment ~

Katelyn and Landon Wright got married... it was breathtaking. Their wedding was at the home of Julie and Louis Schaad and everything about it was absolutely perfect. 

 Knowing that their photographer would be capturing gorgeous pictures of everyone and everything, I pretty much just focused on my people... cuz, as I said before, I thought they looked really handsome :)

 There are few things I love more than seeing boys just be boys, not minding a bit that they are dressed all proper-like in their fancy shirts, suspenders, and bowties.  In typical Charlie form, he found a new friend for the evening... he caught this funny little toad and made it his pet for as long as he could ~ 


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