The Mountains are Calling My Name

Once in a great while, you make a game time decision that turns out to be so spectacular that it changes the course of all things to come.
And other times you make a game time decision that lands you in the Smoky Mountains on a 70 degree day in January surprised by the 5-mile long snow covered trail.

This will go down in history as one of my best game time decisions. What. A. Spectacular. Day. 

The night before, I half jokingly texted my neighbor, Marie, to see if she would like to go hike Mt. LeConte tomorrow. She said she would love to!  Two moms of lots of little ones don't really get to make plans like this at the last minute. But luck was on our side and off we went.

Back down in Knoxville, kids were in shorts. It was one of those warm January days that we in the south are blessed with about once a winter.  So, we really had no idea we would be hiking in a couple feet of snow.  Thought we might see it at the top... but not at the trailhead! 

There were several times that the condition of the trail looked so unsafe that we seriously debated turning back... like most others did.  But we hung in there and slowly made our way to the top.

It will, without a doubt, remain one of my most favorite days ever!


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