Our Growing Family

This year for Christmas, instead of creating a long wish list for Santa Claus, Sam and Charlie decided they wanted Santa to surprise them. 

I think it worked out pretty well for them! Their biggest surprise was two new guinea pigs, delivered straight from the North Pole on Christmas morning. They have become sweet little additions to our very busy family. Sam (and especially) Charlie are absolutely smitten :)  And of course Luke loves them too… but they're not stupid… they recognize danger when they see it!

The boys named them Emmett (left) and Mackie (right). They are brothers, born on November 28th. They were brought to us when they were just 4 weeks old.

They are very social little guys. They love to run around and show off. When they get really excited they'll do this little move known as "popcorning" in the the guinea pig world … they essentially jump up off all fours and shake while they are in the air. It's pretty stinking cute!
They'll purr when you hold them and try to communicate by squeaking. They love to eat all kinds of vegetables. And they poop non-stop.  It's really quite ridiculous!
But they are sweet as can be and the boys all love playing with them and nurturing them. They've really been a great addition to our home.
Welcome to the Hatcher family Emmett and Mackie!


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