Our Angel

March 15th.
Tomorrow would be my grandmother's 91st birthday.
I've always looked forward to her birthday. It was so refreshing to walk into her home to take her a bouquet of flowers, a new plant, or something else to brighten her day. She was always there with a beautiful smile on her face, happy to see whomever was walking through the door... I would hear her say "Mary?" as I was walking up the front steps. I love that I can still so clearly hear the sound of her voice.  I hope it never fades.

These are the lush blooms of a Christmas Cactus that belonged to my grandmother. My Aunt Mary gave it to me the week after she passed. I was so happy to see it bloom last November and December. My house just lit up with these gorgeous flowers dancing in the daylight.
So much life...

Tomorrow, I will stop by the store on my way home to pick up my own bouquet of flowers to celebrate my darling grandmother. The day marks the birth of one of the greatest loves of my life and will be a day I celebrate forevermore ~
Happy Birthday Grandma Goofy ~ Your gentle, loving spirit lives on in the hearts of these beautiful souls you created. We love and miss you far more than you can ever imagine.


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