Happy Birthday to our Sweet Nana

This beautiful lady celebrated her 67th birthday this week! You can just see the happiness, laughter, and energy she adds to every room she enters. It's hard to look at that pretty smile and not want to smile back.
Patsy has always been so good to us and so amazing to our kids - they go absolutely nutso over her.. and she over them. She has been a wonderful mother-in-law always giving me full support and never intruding on any of our decisions or choices. She really just wants to love all her babies and spend time with us.

I have to tell you though… this sweet lady completely melted every piece of my heart back in August.

It was when my grandmother was up at the hospital living out her final days. Patsy was just quickly passing through town and I mentioned to her that my grandma was in the hospital.  You see, my grandmother absolutely adored Patsy. Every time I would go see her she would ask me how Richie's mom was, and then would proceed to tell me how funny she was and how much she just loved her. She would light up and laugh the whole time she would talk about Patsy.
In the short amount of time Patsy had while passing through Knoxville that day, she stopped what she was doing and took the time to go put a smile on my grandmother's pretty face. 

And that she did.  

I heard about Patsy's visit many times over from my grandmother as well as from others who were visiting at the same time.  Her smile and her energy just leave an impression on everyone ~ and most certainly on my grandmother. It still brings tears to my eyes how effortless she made that visit.  We should all be so kind and loving.

These pictures were all taken as we celebrated Christmas this year at our house. Christmas is Patsy's most favorite time of year. 
 She loves to bring gifts to everyone - whether it is Christmas or not. Sam and Charlie recently started calling her Nana Claus :)
Happy Birthday, Nana!!  We all love you to the moon and back!


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