Another Santa Surprise

Another surprise Santa brought for the big boys this year was their very own kayaks. Luckily, we had 70 degree weather the day of and few days after Christmas, so we were able to go try them out!

Just two boys paddling around in their kayaks on the lake on a warm December day.

Luke anxiously awaited his turn to get out in the little boat.

But then randomly lied back onto Chee-Cha like a slug, making it impossible for Charlie to paddle..   It was a short lived experience, but made for a good laugh!
It was a spectacular way to spend the day..

Unfortunately it ended with me taking a quick trip to Target to get Luke some dry pants and a diaper… only to lock the keys, the spare keys, my phone, and Richie's phone in the truck, while leaving the rest of my family starving and stranded at the park…. (sigh)…  It was a fun little pickle to get out of.  

Thankfully, Mr. Agrestic is a patient man ~ 


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