Our Happy Place

We spent Fall Break this year at Rosemary Beach. While it has been a couple months, I didn't want to let it just completely pass by without sharing it here. 

We. Had. A. Spectacular. Time.

It probably helped that our vacation last year was a total shit show with Luke under the age of one and not very adaptable. Our expectations this year were pretty low…  

But day by day, we continued to be pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable it was.

My conclusion is that there is just something magical about Rosemary Beach… 

My kiddos love it. 

Mr. Agrestic loves it. 

I love it. 

I do believe it has officially become our happy place.

We did all the beachy things people do when they go to the beach.

We went on long walks and watched the sun rise.

We played in the sand while we watched the sun set.

We made some great friends who have little boys the same age as ours.

Jake and Luke

Charlie and Zach

Luke and Sam

We flew kites.

We ate at Charlie's Donut Truck.

We had ice cream after dinner.

And we spent a whole lot of time playing at the beach.

But the thing that set this vacation apart from all the others before it… and will change the course of all beach trips behind it… is that we rented bikes. 

We rode and rode and rode our bikes all over the beaches of 30A.  Something magical happens when a family spends a few carefree days peddling against the warm salty breeze amongst palm trees and sand.  It was really magical.

What a perfect way to spend a week in October. I'm pretty sure we'll be back again next year, Rosemary ~


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