Kinsley Grace

I had the privilege of taking some pictures of this sweet baby girl a couple days ago. This is Kelsey and Heath's little angel, Kinsley Grace… she was 8 days old in these pictures. 

Kinsley was wide awake for the first hour that I spent with her. It gave me an opportunity to sneak a couple shots of these beautiful eyes.
The real secret to newborn photography is to catch them while they're sleeping. And if you are patient enough, it will happen...
She is as perfect as they come ~

I have a long way to go before I could claim any space in the newborn photography market, but having a couple hours to pretend  with this beautiful baby girl was the most perfect way to spend my Saturday morning. 

Thanks for sharing her with me, Kelsey and Heath.


  1. I love that you did these Mary! They are perfect! You helped raise this momma over the years starting before she was a year old and now look. I wouldn't take anything for he pictures and my sweet little Mary who made them of my precious Kinsleyđź’›


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