Fabulous Fifties

Tonight we had the honor of celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of my lovely Aunt Mary and Uncle Adrian. While there are many others who could tell their beautiful love story much better than I, what I can say is that the undying devotion and love that these two have maintained throughout their life has served as a model and inspiration to our entire family. It is always remarkable to be in the presence of true love and to be able to stand witness to what appears to be an effortless adoration and commitment to each other. They married when they were 16 years old, started from nothing, lived out of their car for some time period, and managed to build a life together, create a business, generate jobs and opportunities for many others, raise two children, experience travel to amazing places, and most importantly have loved and supported each other through every phase of life. It is a partnership like none other. The world would truly be a better place if we all knew how to love and to commit to each other they way they have..
 I offered to take pictures for the event, since my Aunt Mary is always the family photographer and we figured she probably deserved a break this time around… However, I kinda messed up by not getting enough pictures of them

Epic Fail. 

For the one above in which I did have them pose, I was still in denial that I would need to use my flash the entire night…  :0/   I lost that battle.

So I flashed away at everyone else…


 Nothing screams amazing parenting like having your kids rock out cigarettes for an entire evening!

 However, Kelsey might have me beat on the amazing parenting thing!  Classy pregnant mama! :) I'm in love!

 Li'l tricky to ignore the cuteness of this guy here!

 This is what Adrian wore on their first date.

 That's my boy!

 Richie was on a fishing trip for the night, so I was playing single mama of 3 boys plus photographer. Thank God for amazing sisters! As always, Wendy jumped in and saved the day for me by taking care of Luke.
We took Luke and Jace outside to see the bunny rabbits… it was a good opportunity to take some good (non-flash) pictures of the li'l peanuts.

What a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to celebrate such an inspirational couple ~


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