Date Night

How lucky am I?
I got to go out on a date with this handsome fella last weekend :)
Sam had a campout at a friend's house, so Richie made the suggestion for Charlie and I to have a date night. I believe he even threw out options like putt putt and a movie.

Not my Charlie though…

He came into the computer room with the biggest smile on his face the evening before and started asking about what we should do. 

"Mom can we go downtown and have dinner?" (ummm.. YEAH!)  "I love to go down there at night…"

"And then maybe we can walk around for a while… I don't even need to get any toys…"

me: "Maybe you can get a toy. Maybe we can got to Mast General and look at some toys!"

"Okay! I love that store. Mommy, I wish I could buy you some pretty new shoes for our date."

me: "That would be so sweet, Charlie. How about I just wear some pretty shoes that I have. Do you want me to wear a dress?"

"Yeah. Let's go to that place that has the tomato soup and grilled cheese."

me: "Buddy, that sounds perfect. I can't wait!"

So here we are.

We had a lovely evening.

We started off at Cafe 4 and had a great little dinner together. We walked over to Mast General and he got a new boomerang. We found a large, breezy, empty area to run around and throw the boomerang for a long time. He went on and on about how much fun he was having. 

We went over to Krutch Park and played around in the rocks and water. We got some yummy Italian Ice and Rita's and ate it outside. We played with the boomerang some more before we headed home. On his way home, he asked if we could go play at an arcade, so we stopped at the mall and I let him play some games for a while.

It was a perfect date night for me and my buddy ~


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