Black River ~ Gonna Take My Cares Away

 What a memory filled weekend ~
 Richie and I packed up the big boys and headed down to South Carolina for a little family adventure on the Edisto River.
It began with a canoe ride… A 13 mile canoe ride...
On Father's Day - To celebrate this amazing daddy in our lives.
We filled the 13 miles with frequent stops to cool off in the sandy river
And of course some long swims to get out the wiggles
 Hard to believe we are swimming so comfortably amongst the many creatures living in this water…  alligators being at the top of that list!  What brave little souls we have on our hands :)
Always time for a selfie or two with a couple of my favorite boys
And of course some fishing time with daddy

And then back to work we go… 
Until finally we stumble upon our major landmark… this yellow oar hanging off a tree…
This means we've made it to our destination for the night!
Our very own treehouse!  I know! Right?!  This adventure is an absolute must for every boymom in the world ~

Of course, no treehouse adventure is complete without a hammock
And perhaps a tasty glass of wine and a nap after a long day of rowing :)  (Another must for every boymom in the world)
What a fabulous place for some little guys to spend the night. 
Inside was a futon that folded out to a bed and a loft up above with another large mattress for the boys.
The open air screened in windows made for some magical noises all night long. It is truly amazing how much activity happens on the banks of a river in the middle of the night. Owls… Racoons… Katydids… Frogs… Snakes… Alligators… I truly have never experienced nature in this way.
It was a steamy 100 degrees outside - and we had no electricity or running water, so we made our way back out to the water to cool off!

And Charlie created his own way of cooling off….  

I heart these smiles :)  Twinsies...
It really was a memorable weekend for all of us ~ Us and our fabulous little treehouse!
Happy Father's Day my sweetheart! I look forward to many more memories like this! 


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