The Life of a Season

Autumn bids a fond farewell
As Sister Winter takes her place
The colors of the trees in glory
With Winter's white is soon replaced
As Winter's gift is gently falling
Upon the trees that soundly sleep
The world in silent wonder watches
The miracle the season brings

Sadly, nothing in this fickle world
May live forever in its youth
And likewise winter starts to age
Her beauty she begins to lose

Her snow white hair now turns to gray
Her voice is quiet when she speaks 
And as the days grow warm and long,
Her touch is light while she grows weak

And soon the people who had loved her
Grow tired of her chilling song
Then Winter sadly leaves her thrown 
And waits for baby spring to come along
So old, frail Winter bids farewell
As Sister Spring now takes her place
She waits with quiet, steady patience
To come again with youth and grace.

(I thought I'd share this last picture to show what Luke is doing while mommy is stomping around in the snow trying to take pictures… I'm pretty sure I know who has broken the blinds all to pieces!)


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