More Crazy Days in the Snow

So, here I am with another tribute to the snow weeks we had in Knoxville this year. 
This happened to be a Saturday morning on which we all woke up very surprised to another little blast of snow that had fallen upon us.
I pulled Richie out of bed and told him we were going sledding at Lakeshore!
 Charlie looks like a little Russian boy

We all had a really great time! Lots of fun sledding to be had.
I absolutely love those smiles! I can hear them laughing now

It was Luke's first time sledding - and he thought it was hilarious! What a great sport he is :)
Photographer Sam got a good shot of Mommy and Daddy 

Oh what fun it is to giggle about a toddler all mummified in a snowsuit!
Good times! Good times!


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