Amazing Lady

What a lucky girl I am.
I happen to come from this long line of amazing, strong, resilient, truly remarkable women… and quite stunning too, I must say.
I got to spend the latter part of this beautiful afternoon today celebrating my maternal grandmother's 90th birthday. 
Ninety Years! 
What a blessing to have such a loving family surround her on this special occasion.
She has spent every day of her life loving others - wanting nothing for herself - only concerned with those around her.
She has created life… so much life.
Six children.
Thirteen grandchildren.
Nineteen great-grandchildren.
And a great-great-grandbaby on the way. Five Generations!
I have to believe she has influenced every single person in our family in one way or another. She is truly an angel on Earth. You can just feel it when you're in her presence.

I have countless memories of being with my grandma throughout my entire childhood. I spent every single weekend at her house when she lived near us in Michigan. Every weekend. My friends even stayed with me at her house. THEY have memories of my sweet grandmother.
I was devastated when she moved to Knoxville (like hiding beneath our pool table sobbing devastated) - I was maybe 8 or 9 years old. 
From there on out, I spent every single summer with her in Knoxville.
I have no doubt that I would be a completely different person today had I not had her in my life. 
She is known today by all the great grandbabies as "Grandma Goofy" (named by Kelsey when she was a toddler trying to say "Grandma Ruthie") - I think Grandma Goofy is perfect. My kids think so too :)

Can't you just see the love in her eyes…

Happy 90th birthday to this amazing lady ~ one of the true heroes in my life


Luke was dressed all dapper for the event … but I failed to get any pictures :-/  Well, until we got home and he wanted to play outside in the dirt for a while… but mama had to strip him down. Still ridiculously sweet, if you ask me


  1. I was thinking today ~ "I wonder what has been happening with the sweethearts on the hill?" Wow. I am way behind on all of the Agrestic Adventures. You are so blessed to have a Grandma Goofy in your life. I remember meeting her and thinking what a special woman she is at your bridal shower ~ back in the day :) Maybe, someday, I'll share a little secret about her. And, that little Dash is adorable!


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