The Last First

We celebrated Luke's Big First Birthday on October 11th… 7 days prior to his actual birthday. 
This is, of course, the Last First Birthday party we'll be throwing for any of our little ones. No. More. Babies. Promise!
 With age and time and the crazy, busy schedule, I was a little less motivated to throw the big birthday bash as I did with the others (actually, they've gotten noticeably smaller, one-by-one) - but I couldn't let little Luke look back and see that he wasn't celebrated in the same way Sam and Charlie were…

So out came the fancy, show cake … and the sweet little smash cake… both are absolute requirements for the first birthday!
 We kept the guest list to just our immediate family - but that still gave us a pretty good sized party. So, here we have all the usual suspects… devoting their day to celebrating this sweet little munchkin!

Here I am, looking ragged as can be. I can actually look back at each first birthday party and see the same tired ole me. I think it must just be a constant in that first year of life… I'm still holding out for the day that I have that youthful glow again!  :-/

I love this look on Charlie's face… peeking at me through the balloons

 Aunt Lisa loves her Sam

Daddy and all his boys

And this is pretty much what mommy always gets… Naughty!  :)

Patiently waiting for whatever is to come… he has no idea about the yummy sweetness he's about to taste. Life. Is. Forever. Changed!
 It took no work at all to get Luke to dive right in to his cake
 I'd say it was right about here when he was officially hooked!

 He was piling it in!  :)

"Umm.. you can look at me all you want daddy, but you're not getting any of my cake!"


Happy First Birthday, my messy little love! Can't wait to celebrate a hundred more with you!


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