Charlie's Year in Review

Charlie's 2014 doesn't differ too much from Sam's 2014, just because we kind of bundle them together in the same stinky little package. And I think they're okay with that :)

So, here is Charlie on the great Rangers team of 2014. He is a hot mess, that's all I can say. As all of the other kids nervously go up to bat, hoping and praying they get a hit… Charlie casually meanders his way to the plate, balancing the bat on his right hand, paying no mind to the fact that he is holding up the entire game.
He's pretty hard not to love!
The assistant coach on the team would occasionally sing "Na-na Na-na, Na-na Na-na Charlie's World!" (to the tune of "Elmo's World") Charlie actually hit very well all year long - and in the few times the ball was hit near him, he did a good job getting it to the infield. We'll take it!

Here he is being an exceptional big brother as always. Luke loves him some Charlie!
Being crazy cute in Navarre
All ready for his first day of First Grade.
This was Charlie's first year stepping into a class with a teacher that wasn't Sam's the prior year. He went into first grade with a lot of anxiety. To make matters more challenging, he was supposed to have Mrs. Goodwin (amazing teacher of the year kind of teacher) but she decided not to teach this year at the last minute because she and her husband adopted a child. So, he had Ms. Luhn the first half of the year. She is a retired second grade teacher, also very much loved by her students. It took Charlie a little while to warm up to her and to his class… I had a conversation with her and was very impressed with the outcome of it. Essentially, she set some things into motion (had him go read to Mrs. Moorman's class and suggested that he bring in something cool to show the class) and within a matter of days, Charlie went from crying and anxious about first grade to being Mr. Studious. It was quite remarkable. I definitely became a big Ms. Luhn fan. She is an exceptional educator. He has had a really great school year! He now has Mrs. Cope to finish out the second half of the year and continues to do very well.
Here is Charlie on Sam's birthday… He was quite excited about Sam's new wooden sword and shield.

Hangin' with the ladies at the annual Fun Run!
Enjoying a beautiful fall day at the zoo.
Looking all handsome with Nicole at Alesia's wedding
A ninja for Halloween 
And showing off his super sweet Razor 360 on his 7th birthday (I seriously still think he is 5!)

All ready for Christmas as we had a family day in downtown Knoxville
And ending the year, cute as a button, at the Hatcher Family Christmas
Charlie is an exceptionally well-rounded child. He is funny, easy-going, and very smart… particularly people smart… he can trick anyone into doing just about anything. He wants to be a kindergarten teacher when he grows up. His anxiety during the first few weeks of the school year created a huge place in his heart for Mrs. Moorman. He loved her last year - but he is absolutely crazy about her now. He is becoming a much better listener and has developed some beautiful handwriting this year. I absolutely love watching Charlie interact with Luke. They have a special little connection. He is pretty proud of his baby brother. He takes his job as a big brother very seriously :) And most of all, he continues to wow the world with his ridiculous cuteness, which is a really great trait to have.


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