Catching up with Sam

My final two posts to get me up to the here and now are going to be about Sam and Charlie. 
Here is a little summary of what the second half of 2014 held for Sam.
He and Charlie were on the same spring baseball team in Vance's League at KYS, coached by Matthew Sterchi.
 Sam got to play second base all year and did a great job! This seemed to be the year that it all clicked for him. 

I do believe that the 6 and 7 year old league falls within the sweet spot of those few years when you have a perfect balance of "good" competitive baseball but still with sweet, supportive parents from all sides. Richie and I have absolutely loved this league… and having both boys on the same team made it even better.
They made it to the semi-finals when they lost a tough game to the White Sox, coached by Casey Loftin. It was a really great season.

He finished up his first year of cub scouts, in the Tiger Den. Richie kind of got tricked into being den leader - but he did a great job! :)
 He was pretty pumped about moving on to the next level
 Sam and his handsome daddy

Here is Sam all skinny and happy up in the Smoky Mountains searching for crawdads.

And being a great big brother holding baby Luke
 Had a blast at Navarre Beach riding his boogie board
Back to school in August - Off to Second Grade with the lovely Ms. Davis (I can't believe I have a second grader!)

Rockin' it out at the annual Fun Run at Rocky Hill - this is the second year that they did a Color Run
Enjoying some snacks out of doggie dishes at Alesia's wedding
But looking pretty handsome all on the same day
Halloween brought us Harry Potter… by day
And Jenngofett by night … I was eternally grateful for the masked costumes this year. Takes a tenth of the time to take pictures… no crazy eight year old faces to worry about! Yaaay!
Enjoying the piles of fall leaves on Charlie's birthday
This is a classic Sam face… makes me smile every time I see it.
Working ever so hard to be the best big brother (and son) he can be so mommy can take some Christmas photos! :)

And flashing those baby blues, looking as handsome as can be. 

It's been a great year for Sam. He continues to do very well academically - says he wants to be a scientist. He loves to build Legos, play Minecraft, and design any kind of maze or contraption he can think of. He has worked hard at chillin' out and accepting the chaos that his 15 month old brother brings to our home. He is always very kind and thoughtful in all that he does. He has several great friends, most of whom he met in kindergarten. He is a very typical first born child… keeps mommy and daddy in line when we start to go awry. We'd all be pretty lost without him :)


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