Big Boys Only!

It recently occurred to me that Sam and Charlie are at a pretty cool age - and we have the opportunity now to go on some fun adventures that all of us can enjoy. Since the last 2 years have been consumed with me either being pregnant or us caring for a newborn, I am on a mission this year to stash Luke at my mom's house as often as possible so we can go party like rockstars with the big boys.
So, this day was the first of those adventures.

Since it's late February and obviously we're not going to get any snow this year (well, I mean, until the very next day when it started snowing … and continued to snow… and is still snowing over a week later… :-/), it seemed like a great time to drive over to Maggie Valley and spend the day snow tubing. **

But I've gotta tell ya. It was an absolute blast and worth every ounce of energy it took to make it happen!

Sam and Charlie were both just on Cloud 9 the entire day. I think they loved doing a big kid activity without having to help manage the wee little one. I think they loved having all of our attention again. They loved the snow, the speed, the spinning, and crashing. 

It really was a perfect little day ~
And then the real snow began to fall on us… ***


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