Baby Luke ~ Month by Month

You guys… I MISS this place!! I feel a little off, somewhat incomplete, when I stay away for so long. But then I don't know where to start, so I kind of avoid it. Instead of just facing it head on, I take the easy path and just avoid it. I think this may be a common theme in my life… and I may need to write about that soon - But Not Now!
I've been wracking my brain all evening trying to figure out how to get started again. I don't want to just skip the past 9 months and pretend they didn't happen. Because they did! Lots of stuff happened. So, my dilemma is before I can get back into the now, I need to tell you about then. But in order to do that, I need to figure out how to reflect, relive, and retell the then… 

After thinking about it for a while over a long hot bath, a glass of wine and some Amos Lee, I decided to start with iPhoto. 

I just powered through several months of iPhoto. 

That's a little overwhelming. All the stories - all the growth. 

But then it started to crystallize. I started to figure out how to tell you about the past 9 months.

My starting point needs to be with the little man. He's the one that completed his first big year on this earth. He's the one that has gone from a newborn to an infant to a toddler since I last wrote. He needs to be the starting point. 

But, soon, very soon, I will catch you up on all the other Agrestic household activities. All to get you up to speed so we can focus on the now. The here and now that I really want to share with you more often. That's where we need to be living… in the here and now.

So - to get me started… here is my sweet baby Luke, month by month, since we last connected.

You last saw him in April, at 6 months old, just like this
(again, blogger and my old version of iPhoto aren't playing well together, so the color is jacked up… but if I try to find time to mess with it, we'll never get to hang out… so please, just love me despite my messy color tones)

Then came May when he was 7 months old

Mama's sweet little angel… Can you even stand it?

Obviously, I can't!

And with June, Mr. Luke enjoyed his first beach trip at 8 months old… what a relaxing trip for the whole family!
(ha! ha! Spoiler alert! While we tried to make the most of it, this beach trip was SO exhausting because of this little guy that it resulted in a MUCH NEEDED (real) vacation away for Mr. Agrestic and myself this January.. can't wait to tell you about it!)

This was the REAL Luke on our vacation in June.

A fun day in the Smoky Mountains in July (9 months old)

And still enduring the summertime heat in August (10 months old)

(I keep crossing my fingers that he gets Charlie's magical curls!!!)

Playing in the grass in September (11 months) And, of course, eating anything we can get our hands on, which seems about right on track!

As baby #3, Luke also spends MUCH of his life attending the events of his older brothers. Below he is enjoying the Color Run with his daddy... kicking off the 2014-15 school year at Rocky Hill Elementary.

And, of course, he can barely contain his excitement on football Saturday!

October takes us to a full year! 12 months old for this big guy!
This is just a preview of Luke's first birthday… that milestone (and that fricking amazing cake indulgence) warrants a post of its own!

Below is Luke on the actual day of his first birthday. We celebrated my cousin, Alesia, on this day as she married Eric Morrison.

My sweet, sweet grandmother...

It truly is amazing how they grow in this first year. Look at this beautiful baby of mine!!!

Just a week and a half later in October, we got to hang out with our little elephant on Halloween.

Here is Luke in November (13 months) standing like a big boy with his brothers.

He's pretty much a total stud - right?!
Enjoying downtown Knoxville as it lights up in preparation for Christmas.

And then … maybe not enjoying downtown Knoxville so much (mommy can't help but enjoy capturing the moment!)

Christmas brings us to 14 months old!

He's pretty pumped about all the boxes and tissue paper we got for him!! (you finally learn by the 3rd time around what a waste all those presents are!)

And then here we are, just this week, in January. Luke is 15 months old.. waaaaaay overdue for his first haircut (the mullet jokes were starting to impact his self esteem)… and still melting mommy's heart with those eyes!

What a big boy he is!
A few other Luke growth items of interest…
1) At 12 months, he had his two bottom teeth only (same as his big brothers!) but now at 15 months, he has added to that his two top teeth … and working hard on completing out 2 more teeth on the top.
2) Luke is a late walker (again, same as his big brothers). He did the army crawl until about 12 months, stepped it up a notch to hands and knees, and just now at 15 and 1/2 months is starting to walk. At this point, he can do a bit of a drunken walk all the way across the play room. If he happens to fall at any point, he can whip out the crawl like it's nobody's business!
3) He spends his days (when mommy and daddy are at work) with Ms. Ali.
4) Ms. Ali teaches him sign language, which is very cool. At this time, he knows the signs for "milk," "more," "eat," and "all done."
5) He likes to babble a lot… there are certain sounds he makes that consistently mean something. That includes:
"da da" = "daddy"
"daaa da" = "Ali"
"mum mum" = "mum mum"
"mum mum" = "mama" (because I say so!)
"bee daw"  = "ladybug"
"bye bye bay be de da duh" = "bye bye baby"
"ba-bah!!"  = "football"
6) He is all about climbing up the steps. It's pretty much impossible to keep him contained when he is downstairs. We invested in a new gate to keep him confined to our bonus room upstairs.
7) His big brothers are really good with him. Charlie has been very attentive with him since day one. It took Sam a little longer to bond with him, but he seems to have found a new soft spot for him recently.
8) Richie and I pretty much just try to stay drunk as much as possible for survival reasons. Life is really crazy and hectic.. and a bit overwhelming and annoying at times… so alcohol has become a very important and necessary part of our daily lives :)  (totally kidding….   sort of…)

Can't wait to share some more with you!


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