Reviving Our Souls

I have been looking forward to this day for what seems like forever. Sunshine, warmth, bright blue skies, and a wide open heart ready to let it wash all over me. 
While spring is still a couple weeks out, it was most certainly in the air in Knoxville today. 
Many moons ago - before kids, and maybe even before marriage, Mr. Agrestic and I spent the first patio-lunch-kind-of-day of the season in the Old City at Barleys. Black Bean hummus, pizza, and beer (well, probably sweet tea for me), sunshine, warmth, and happiness. That day is not so much of a memory for me anymore, but really just a feeling. A revived, passionate, nourished kind of feeling. Without failure, every year on the first patio-lunch-kind-of-day, all I can think about is going to Barleys. And we typically do. Today was no different. That's where me and my crew of boys started off.
 Then we headed down to the riverfront to take a stroll (and a few pictures) and let the boys run like crazy and throw rocks in the water.
 Luke was quite delighted to take in the new scenery.
 First time wearing shorts all season! (yay!! can't put holes in the knees of shorts - they might last us more than 4 weeks!)

 Sam and Charlie are quite relieved that Luke is here to take the pressure off them from having their pictures made all the time. They made that abundantly clear! 
 Sweet, sweet spring… I can't tell you how much I've been longing for you to come back to me ~


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