Mr. Basketball (for a day)

 Charlie decided he wanted to play basketball this winter. He was picked to play for the Suns with one of his favorite friends, Bennett. Richie couldn't wait to get Charlie out on the court with his curly hair and head band. He pretty much rocked it out.
 So here's the thing about Charlie - He seems to have some natural athletic ability. He dribbles well, good hand-eye coordination, has a good shot… BUT, he puts about 2% of effort into most everything he does. And he refuses to listen or pay attention. He actually gets out there and acts like a total goofball. Somehow he gets away with it. I'm thinking it's just the curls. My cousin, Nicole, says that all the other kids on the court are saying to themselves "I wanna party with that kid."

Great.. cuz that's what we were going for.

There happened to be one crazy Saturday when Charlie got out on the court and totally rocked the house. He paid attention and tried the whole game. He did fantastic. Luckily, my sister was there with her camera and documented the whole thing.

 He made basket after basket.
 He stole the ball, time and time again.
 Of course, we had to keep some of our sillies out there.
I mean, we wouldn't want the other kids to find someone else to party with.
And an occasional break to wiggle a loose tooth.
 But, back into the game after just a few seconds.

 Look at this mess below...
 And he ends the game with a great shot from the free throw line!

Great game, buddy!! I knew you could do it. 


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