Due to inclement weather...

Each day, as the snow would begin falling (or sometimes it was just the weatherman saying the snow would be falling) I would receive that phone call, as so many others did. "This is Melissa Ogden on behalf of Jim McIntyre, superintendent of Knox County Schools. Due to inclement weather, Knox County Schools are closing…" Here we go again! :)

So, here - Sam and Charlie have just been dropped off early by the school bus. It's kind of comical, coming from Michigan, to see that this light dusting of snow can create such chaos. 
 My boys smile from the inside out every time they are treated to an extra day at home.
 This happened to be the hundred and first day of kindergarten for Charlie, hence the Dalmatian attire.
 He went to school looking pretty cute this day...
But came home to me oozing with unbearable cuteness.
 I mean, really. Can you even stand it?
 So, while I may have had to give up a couple quiet, clean (house) days at home, it makes me happy that my boys got to enjoy some real snow this winter. Every kid needs to have some good snow memories!


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