No Shave November

Meet Elvert.

Elvert is that dead squirrel looking thing on top of my husband's lip (in case you didn't notice).

The boys thought he looked like an Elvert, and so that became his name.

Elvert hung out with our family for the month of November when Richie's co-workers decided to join the efforts of spreading prostate cancer awareness. 

Elvert took on a life of his own! 

He was compared to likes of Ron Burgundy, Burt Reynolds, Johnny Wadd…

People would come to Richie's desk at work and ask to be photographed with Elvert.

I spent most of my time explaining him away to acquaintances we would run into. I wanted to make it clear that my husband was doing this for a good cause, and that he really hadn't joined the porn industry.

The picture above was taken on Elvert's last day with us. The boys suggested we have a memorial service for him and bury him in the back yard. 

We opted for the photograph instead.

Bye bye, Elvert! See you next November!


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