All the other pictures

I went through several rounds of pictures this past holiday season to try to figure out what might work for our Christmas card. It was a little more challenging than I expected to find a setting and a pose that works well for a defiant 6 year old and a toothless 7 year old alongside a fragile 2 month old. 

 So we tried this…
But it didn't work

So we tried this...
 And that was okay - but Luke wasn't very happy

So we gave this a try...

 Still not the one

Luke had all kinds of opinions about the hat...

I tried stacking them up!

And it was fun! But we never got it to look as good as the real photographers do.

Then our stack came tumbling down...

Luke's little hat gave me something to work with...

We tried some outdoor shots, which provides a great opportunity to throw some rocks!

Luke got lost in the wild outdoors.

Finally, we settled on a classic indoor pose. Whew!

Certainly next year won't be this hard!


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