Spring Baseball Wrap Up

I'm a pathetic blogger… I know this. 
I'm going to do better… and I'll post something shortly (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow) with some updates of where I've been and what the heck has happened in the Agrestic world. 
But before I get my mind there, I wanted to put out a final post about spring baseball (before next spring rolls around!)

Not too much to say - just wanted to share some pictures of their last regular season games… just because I love love seeing my little buddies in their baseball uniforms :)

 This is Sam and his sweet friend, Lisa Forester - they have an adorable connection with each other ~
 And Charlie with Jack Forester, who always gives me the best smile

 Sam, making a big play from third base ~

And wrapping up the season with a little love from the Hatcher brothers ~


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