Ten and Two

I had the pleasure of starting my day off today with some outstanding baseball and more proud mommy moments than one person should be allowed in a lifetime.
Sam has been playing for the Giants in the Pee Wee League for the past two months. It is a league of 6 and 7 year olds and an enormous step up from last year. For the most part, the 7 year olds lead the team and the 6 year olds are there to learn - and my Sam is certainly no exception to that rule. He's never been a die hard sports fan, but kind of hangs in there either because he sort of likes it, or just to please us… I've never been too sure. Well, his team is awesome this year! So he has definitely enjoyed winning A LoT! Doesn't care much if he has an outstanding game or not… but definitely loves to analyze the scoreboard and keep up with how each team is progressing.
They played their first play-off game last night against the Rangers. It was a close one. The Giants went into the bottom of the last inning down 9-10, but luckily at the top of our batting order… Our kids knocked in two runs pretty quickly and the game was over. On to the league championship game, which was this morning. It was the ending I was hoping for… the Giants versus the Braves. The Braves are coached by our dear friend Pete Pearson. His son, Jack (in the photo above) and Sam have known each other since they were born. Sweet friends … and he is one helluva baseball player. Their whole team is full of great kids and parents.
Both teams played outstanding defense. In fact, the score was still 0-0 in the 5th inning. 
Sam has never been the kid on the team to make the big plays… he's there learning and getting better, but certainly not making the game changing plays. 
The one moment that completely melted my heart was a big big hit out to Sam in left field from none other than his friend, Jack. Sam got right in front of the ball and scooped it into his glove. He got it in quickly enough that Jack didn't get past first base. It was the kind of hit that could get a kid in this league to at least 2nd base, maybe even 3rd or home. All of our parents were screaming for Sam, saying his name over and over. I could eat up that look on his face for the rest of my life. I later asked him what it felt like having everyone say his name like that. He said, "I felt like a champion!"
So… back to the 5th inning… score is 0-0. Sam is up to bat with the bases loaded and 1 out. He hits it… not too hard, not too far, but apparently in the perfect spot to get an RBI and all the kids (including himself) to advance a base. He really had no idea what just happened, but everyone else did. The final score was 3-0, the Giants win! 
Mr. Pete (our friend, the Braves' coach) congratulated Sam for getting the game winning RBI. Sam smile and kind of shook his head saying "I didn't really know I did that, but thanks!"
I think my most favorite moment of the morning was when the game had just ended and all the kids ran off the field and were in their dugout, screaming and cheering… as happy as can be. Sam was jumping up and down, so completely excited. He ran up to me with a huge smile during his celebration and said "Mom, guess what?" "Now our team and their team are both ten and two!!!" 
That is what my Sam was celebrating… As the rest of our team was jumping up and down that they just won the championship, Sam was celebrating because both teams finished ten and two. Does it get any more innocent and sweet than that? I mean really.
All of the players on both teams received trophies, as they should have - they were all outstanding.

Below is one of our star players, Shepard, who I happen to think is about as cute as they come.

This is Mr. Vance, who pitches every single game in the Pee Wee League, with his nephew Raleigh, who catches for him.

And again, these sweet kiddos, Jack and Sam. 
It was the perfect ending to a great season of baseball!


  1. That really is a touching story - and just shows what a fine young man you are raising!


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