Nay's Wedding

(warning… lots and lots of pictures in this post…)
There are some weddings you attend over the years when you are a hopeful observer… you see two people speak their vows and you may not know them well enough to feel with full confidence that forever has just occurred. 
Then there are those other weddings… when you have a little more insight… when you've seen the tranformation… when you've observed the room light up when the couple arrives… when you've seen the molding of two into one already begin… and it's so much more than a pretty dress and fragrant flowers.
That is what I had the pleasure of being a part of at Nicole and Micah's wedding. 
 I have this super soft special place in my heart for Nicole. I have adored this girl since she was born. We had this precious little connection growing up… she was wild as can be, hated everything about being a girl, was spunky, and silly and an absolute delight to be around.  
Then as she grew up, I think her heart grew at three times the normal pace. She is so loving. So generous. So kind. Spends most of her days giving herself and her time in any way possible to her family and friends. 
I remember that she stopped by my house looking as gorgeous as can be the day that she was off to meet Micah for the first time… and her whole life was changed. She met the person who God created to stand beside her and take care of her amazing heart, while giving her the freedom to grow further into the woman she is meant to be.
 The week before she walked down the aisle, she had to have an emergency appendectomy :( poor thing. She was an absolute trooper getting through every hour of her most special day just 7 days later.
 Another thing about Nicole (Nay)… is she loves loves loves my kids and has given herself to them day after day since they moment they were born. 
 She told me 5 years ago that they were going to be in her wedding… and here they are. So blessed to be a part of it.
 This picture below is Charlie's interpretation of me directing them to "smile with their eyes"  :)

 With their sweet little flower girl, Riley.
All of the beautiful bridesmaids

Sam was making love to the camera this whole day. That's my boy!!
 Nicole's stunning mom and dad, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Larry ~

 Looks like we're posing for a formal wear advertisement :)

 The other part of the day that was so incredibly moving was seeing the love between Nicole and her daddy… absolutely beautiful. Every daughter should be so lucky ~
 Full of their personalities
 Plenty of time to capture the kiss since our grandmother voiced her displeasure the first go round by saying "Awe, you can do better than that" to the entire sanctuary. So Micah was forced to go in for #2.
 Laughing as her tummy was ripping apart on her way back down the aisle.

 Little more camera love from Sam...
And some silliness!

 Perfection ~
Reception pictures are on their way!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, love! And, such a beautiful couple :) My favorite part, though, is that Grandma demanded a better kiss. Priceless!


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