Wedding Season

It's definitely that time of year, isn't it… little lovebirds everywhere standing before God, speaking their vows, committing themselves to each other, and starting a whole new life together as one. 

We have several weddings to attend in the next month and are looking forward to each one. Sam and Charlie even get to be the ring bearers in a wedding this weekend. New experience for both of them.

To kick off the wedding season, we had the pleasure of attending the annual Q and U wedding in the Fab 5's classroom. This event may sound a little crazy to those who haven't had the pleasure, but I assure you it oozes all kinds of cuteness that I just can't even describe. 
The ceremony is in the sanctuary and it is led by Pastor Dave, who leads Mr. Q (the boys) and Miss U (the girls) in sharing their vow to always stick together to form words like "question" and "quandry."
 Michael and Madeline were the first to walk down the aisle
 This is Emma and Ben
 Here is my little buddy, Charlie, walking with Cate and Jake. 
Apparently, he is taking this quite seriously.
 This picture below is actually quite amazing. This classroom of second born children has a really difficult time being still, quiet, patient, good, normal, etc (Charlie fits in beautifully!)  You can see how well behaved they all were for this ceremony. Amazing, really.

 I have a feeling this look Charlie is giving is what we'll see for the entire time he is walking down the aisle in his upcoming wedding. Too funny!

 Silly Faces!!!

 After the service, our sweet teachers hosted a Mothers' Day brunch for all of us mothers. The kids presented us with their precious gifts (which puts them on top of the world!). It was a nice treat for all of us.
 Emma with her mommy
 Charlie's sweet friend, Michael, and his mommy
 Ben and Jake with their mommy
Bennett with his mommy
 And this little monkey, with yours truly
 A perfect wedding smooch to make it official!


  1. I adore weddings. And, mom kisses from their little boys.


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