This is Charlie's first year of coach pitch baseball. He plays for the Rangers and is on a great team full of buddies from preschool and the great Cardinals team from last year. 
(blue gum making its appearance above!)
He can be quite the little player… well, that is… when he wants to be.
(can still see the blue gum while he's running to first!)
 Getting some daddy love… 
...and daddy coaching on first base
 Off to second… with that signature karate-chop-hands run of his :)

No tackling with Bennett out in the field this year. It's time to focus!
 And if you get lucky, you even get to make a few great plays!!
What a transition from the silliness that we saw every minute of every game last year!! :) 


  1. I think the blue gum and karate-chop-hands run are most precious :)


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