My Favorite Giant

Baseball season is here! Sam is playing in a whole new league (wowza! is it ever a step up from last year!) and he plays for the San Francisco Giants. What a great team he is playing with (and in some pretty darn cool uniforms, I must say!)

 It hurts my heart a little to see one of my babies out on the field in the midst of some real baseball… teammates catching pop flies, throwing kids out at first over and over, striking out. No more of that sweet comfort of laughing as 8 kids run and tackle each other trying to get the ball. 
It is a 6 and 7 year old league --- a great year for my 6 year old to learn from the older kids and figure out how to really play the game.
 So far the team is 5-1! Sam has had many great hits, lots of RBI's, and a couple good plays in the field.
So proud of you little man! Loving every single step of watching you grow and learn.


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