Ski Trip

It used to be a yearly tradition that Husband and I would go on a weekend get-away for our birthdays, since they only fall 3 days apart - and gifts aren't anywhere near the top of my list of love languages. This tradition conveniently stopped about….hmmmm… 6 years ago. Interesting timing. Well, now that life is getting a little easier, we decided to jump back into our old tradition and escape town for the weekend. 

It was still all about our two monkeys though. They took ski lessons at Cataloochee Ski Resort. Husband was still recovering from surgery from the previous month, and I guess I don't love skiing enough to go out and do it by myself. But oh what a treat to sit in a ski lodge for an entire day while the wee little ones were off on an adventure! A birthday treat, it was!

Ski school is pretty fantastic --- and so are kids on skis. Center of gravity is perfectly situated about 2 feet off the ground. They pick it up like it's nothing at all!

 Toward the end of the day, Charlie had picked up a balancing tip of holding his elbows out.
 He pretty much rocked out that little position!

Husband and I were thrilled that the kids were asking to go skiing again the next day! They had a blast and looked like little professionals out there on the slopes.
Happy Birthday to us! (only 3 months late)


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