Oh Glorious Day

While East Tennessee hasn't been blessed with the greatest weather this spring, there have been a couple magical days sprinkled upon us making sure we set everything aside to go out and soak it all in. On this particular day, we ventured up to the mountains and did a whole bunch of nothing... which made for an absolutely glorious day!
The sun was a shinin'! 
The boys played in some old pioneer cabins 

 Picked up sticks
 Collected rocks
 … and more rocks
  Rested against each others' heads :)

 Mr. Collector likes to document every finding along the way

 Charlie was in rare form… begging me to take his picture anywhere he could find a spot

 What a ham!
 That hair poking through the hat is way too fabulous!

 Sam was extremely excited to venture across this fallen tree by himself
 Charlie preferred a little help

In this day and age, one of my greatest pleasures is seeing boys outside making all kinds of fun out of only that which God has given us. No Wii. No electronics. No plastic toys. 
And, of course, each other. 

Reassures me that maybe we're doing something right!


  1. Can't believe what a bad blog follower I've been :/ I love your mountain adventure. I hope some of the rocks made their way to your washing machine :)


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